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Frequently Asked Questions

The following security features and more are built into every preprinted (laser and inkjet) and blank check stock we offer:

A. Micro printing on the front, back or signature line of a check is text that is only readable when magnified. When copied, or scanned, the text appears as a solid line even when magnified.

B. Watermarks. Genuine Watermarks are designs pressed into the paper during manufacturing. When held to light, the designs are easily visible from either side of the paper. Copiers and scanners are incapable of duplicating these watermarks. Artificial Watermarks are subtly printed logos or words which can be viewed at a 45 degree angle. Copiers and scanners capture images at 90 degree angles and will not be able to duplicate these watermarks.

C. Warning Box on back of the check lists the check's security features and describes how to detect an alteration.

D. Security Screen with the words "original document" is easy to see but difficult to replicate.

E. A Pantograph in the check background complicates alteration and unauthorized reproduction.

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