In addition to standard security on all of our checks, Community Checks offers SecuDocs® Premium Security Checks. These checks are exclusive to Community Checks and Tech Checks Inc. In addition to the security features below, we do not sell blank stock of our high security checks.

SecuDocs® features:

Microprint Borders: Borders are printed using micro printed words that appear to the naked eye as a solid line and can only be viewed under magnification. This level of detail cannot be replicated and copied by most desktop copiers and scanner.
Watermarks: The back of the check has watermarks that are easily visible when held up to light or held on a 45 degree angle. Copiers and scanner are incapable of duplicating these watermarks.
Warning Box: The warning box on the back of the check list the checks security features and describes how to detect an alteration.
Warning Band: Warning bands are located on the front of the check as printed message that calls attention to the security features that have been added to protect the document.
Pantograph Background: A pantograph in the check background complicates alteration and unauthorized production.
Void Pantograph: The background on the face of the check is manufactured using a VOID pantograph which may show the words “void” if copied.
Thermo Chromic Seal: A secure document seal is printed in the endorsement area with Thermo Chromic ink that will disappear when rubbed or copied.
Diagonal Dimensional Backer: Diagonal lines used in the design to deter altering by copy and paste method.
Coin Reactive Logo: The SecuDocs® logo located on the back of the check will be exposed when scratched with the edge of a coin and cannot be replicated by any scanner or copier.
Signature Shield: The signature area has the SecuDocs® logo in the background.
Heat Sensitive icon: This icon will disappear when activated by heat which can be done by blowing, rubbing or copying.
Invisible Fibers: Invisible embedded fibers are ultraviolet, light-sensitive fibers in the paper stock and can be seen only under black light (ultraviolet light).
Visible Embedded Fibers: Fibers are visible in ordinary light and are randomly arranged on both sides of the paper. These fibers will extend from a torn edge to verify authenticity.
Padlock Icon: The padlock icon is a registered trademark of the check payment systems association and only approved manufacturers may use that symbol.
Printloc® Toner Adhesion: The check has a coating that helps prevent the ink used to print on the check from being removed by fraudulent methods.
Chemical Reaction: Chemical alteration attempts result in stains that are noticeable and helps deter fraud.