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Online Banking Survey Results

In 2015, when technology is cutting edge, it’s no surprise that a little more than 80% of bank consumers utilize online banking. This feature that allows financial transactions to be conducted online, almost eliminates the need for a customer to walk into a bank. Out of those that make use of online banking, one-third of customers use major banks such as Bank of America, Chase and Wells Fargo. In a survey performed by Tech Checks in February of this year, more than half of consumers do not use a major bank; small banks play a critical role in the US banking system and offer certain products that appeal to rural and small metropolitan residents.

Results from the survey show that a little more than half of banks that consumers employ offer a mobile check deposit option while 31% of clients are unaware if they have this opportunity. By simply taking a picture of the front and back of a check and entering the amount on a phone, a check can be deposited into a banking account via an app if the bank provides one. This feature has enhanced convenience and satisfaction for mobile bankers so it’s surprising to note that the majority of customers do not participate in mobile check deposit. A small percentage of major bank consumers are unaware that a mobile deposit option exists.

Resulting data also shows that roughly half of customers use their bank’s bill pay option. Since 75% write three or less checks a month, it seems that bill pay’s ease of paying invoices straight from a banking account is becoming more popular with clients. For those that continue to write checks, the majority order checks from their bank while one out of five order from online services. Although it may seem easier to order checks from the bank, most online services are less expensive and quicker. The paper check is considered to be the most secure form of payment, outranked only by cash.

Although iPhone users utilize their phone daily four times more than Android customers, more than half of people do not use their cell phone for online banking. Among the survey participants, it’s almost a tie between sticking to the comfort of a computer to conduct financial transactions and taking advantage of the convenience a cell phone offers. Either way, with online banking providing options to deposit checks, transfer money and pay bills, its popularity continues to be on the rise.

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