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TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship


Techchecks is one of the leading ecommerce providers for business checks  and the choice of businesses nationwide for checks compatible with quickbooks software including but not limited to all check accessories such as double window envelopes and endorsement stamps  providing busineses checks and accesories since 2003.

TechChecks recognizes the importance of diversity on college campuses, in the business sector and in the community. They are committed to encourage minority and female students to not only attend college, but to enter and succeed in leadership positions in white male-dominated industries and companies. To that end, TechChecks has created The TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship for students who have the attributes to be our next generation of business leaders—primarily those who belong to any underrepresented minority demographic. These minority groups are thus enticed into careers such as business management and administration, finance, accounting or marketing.

Scholarship Description:

The TechChecks Business Leadership scholarship is awarded to worthy candidates with strong academic credentials based on GPA and SAT scores, business leadership and entrepreneurship. Up to two scholarships in the amount of $500 to $1000 (each) will be awarded to high school seniors or college students pursuing a degree in Business Administration, or another business-related field, to develop talented minority youth and help prepare them for corporate and community leadership.

Winning the award will require some work on your part.  If you’re a good writer who has leadership ability and demonstrates business potential, our scholarship essay contest could be a great option for you. We ask that you produce a thoughtful, well-written essay on the topic listed below to enter into the contest. The winning essays will be chosen on the basis of quality of research, originality, and presentation.

Scholarship Eligibility:

  • Incoming students for fall of 2022, who are US Citizens, are eligible for the scholarship.
  • Preference will be given to applicants who are female, have a disability, or belong to one of the following minority groups: 
    • Hispanic/Latino
    • African American
    • Asian American/Pacific Islander
    • Native American/American Indian (must be able to provide proof of membership to a tribe)
  • Applicants must be working toward their MBA or any other field that emphasizes business or marketing
  • Winners are not based on financial need.
  • Scholarship awarded to students with an average SAT score of 1070, Math ACT 26 or higher and average GPA of 3.5 or above.
  • A copy of a scholastic transcript that proves the academic requirement (Note: If you are a High School Graduating Senior please provide a copy of your high school transcript. You MUST provide a copy of your upcoming Fall Enrollment schedule from your college/university before we can release the fund.)
  • Homeschooled students may apply as long as academic level is equivalent to that of their peers.

Scholarship Award:

  • The TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship Award is in the amount of $500 to $1,000.
  • There will be up to 2 essay contest winners for The TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship.
  • The scholarship is paid directly to the educational institution in the student’s account to be used for tuition for the Fall 2020 semester. The scholarship funds may be used over a period not to exceed two (2) years.

Essay criteria:

  • Each student must submit an original essay (600 – 800 words) on the topic outlined below. The essay must be the original work of the student and factually accurate, written in English, and may not infringe upon or violate any personal property rights of others.
  • By submitting an essay to The TechChecks Business Leadership scholarship, each student acknowledges his or her understanding of and compliance with these rules.

Essay Topic:

CEOs and Business Leadership

  • What is business leadership?
  • How has the position of a CEO/business leader changed in recent years?
  • What are the top attributes demanded of CEOs?
  • How does leadership style effect the following: structure evolution and allocation of power, initiative and motivation, creation of confidence and coordination in the organization, and building morale and a good working environment?
  • As globalization increases, will the socioeconomic impact of CEOs and business leaders’ thoughts becomes even greater, and why?

How to Apply:

Application requirements:

  • Student must complete his/her own application.
  • Before scholarship will be awarded, all information submitted will be verified.
  • If ANY false information is submitted on the application, the student will be disqualified.
  • Provide an official copy of academic transcript from current school.

 Fill out the following (This is Your Application Sheet) and mail to the below address.

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Home Street Address
  • City, State, Zip Code
  • Home Phone (with area code)
  • Parent/Guardian Name (If under 18)
  • Parent/Guardian Contact Number (If under 18)
  • Anticipated date of Graduation (Month/Year)
  • Institution to be attended Fall 2020 and area of study
  • Anticipated college graduation date (month/year)
  • One copy of the student’s official academic transcript
  • Letter of referral from a professor, faculty member, or academic advisor

Application Deadline:

The application deadline is June 15, 2021

Questions and Correspondence

If you need additional assistance, please contact:

The TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship

Mailing Address: 272 Lanes Mill Rd, Howell, NJ 07731
Phone: (866) Laser-58
Fax: (866) 527-8883

Email: [email protected]

Updated :

The results are in ! Congratulations to the recipient MIT Sloan student Cristina Sanders as the winner of the 2016 TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship! 

The results are in ! Congratulations to the recipient NY University Stern School of Business  student Grace Traina as the winner of the 2020 TechChecks Business Leadership Scholarship! 



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